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The Pop Piano Book
This cutting-edge keyboard method is a total step-by-step approach to spontaneously creating your own keyboard parts. Rhythmic and harmonic concepts are applied in all keys, and then used to develop specific solutions in rock, pop, ballad, R&B/funk, new age, country and gospel styles. These techniques enable you to work from a leadsheet or fake book, and improvise melody treatments and accompaniments which are authentic for each style. This book is suitable for serious beginners through to advanced musicians, and contains 500 pages (with nearly 800 music examples). We are delighted that The Pop Piano Book has become the "world standard" in contemporary keyboard instruction, and it is endorsed by Grammy-winning artists, top educators, and Keyboard Magazine.

"This is the most acccessible and valuable keyboard method available for those interested in popular styles. Going through the method is just plain fun. And at the end, almost anybody who puts a little effort into it should play better!" - Keyboard Magazine

"One of the best how-to-play books ever. Takes you from the most basic keyboard concepts to some seriously grooving stuff. Work your way through even part of this, and you'll be able to play at a much higher level." - How To Jam Magazine

"I'm very impressed with all the wonderful information in this book. I wish I could have had this book while I was learning!" - Russell Ferrante, keyboardist with the Grammy-award winning Yellowjackets

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